Friday, June 19, 2009

More of Ben's story

Ben's route into post-secondary was a music diploma, but working as a musician was not his ultimate goal.  Ben has known enough musicians to understand that very few support themselves solely by performing and teaching.  We have two friends who are outstanding gifted musically, very hard working and have achieved reasonable success.  Both men also have construction jobs.  So Ben was always planning to continue his studies after finishing his diploma from MacEwan.

Somewhat ironically, Ben moved on from a college that is relatively unfriendly to home educated students to a university college that welcomes them.  Despite his mother's warnings, he completely missed the application deadlines for the University of Calgary, so instead he applied to Ambrose University College (Alliance University College/Nazarene University College at the time he started there.)  There were two factors leading to this choice:  He had earned significant scholarships through Bible quizzing, and he wanted to be closer to his girlfriend who lived in Calgary (and who he had met through Bible quizzing).  

Ben was able to use his MacEwan diploma for two full years credit towards an Arts degree, probably because he had graduated with distinction.  He completed his Ambrose degree summa cum laude, with highest honours.  His ultimate goal is to attend law school, probably in 2010.  He will have used his musical gifting well as the starting point to a professional career.  

Of course, he continues to play every chance he gets.  He is part of the music ministry at Centre Street church in Calgary, he plays in a country band and a jazz trio, and he fills in in other groups as opportunity arises.  The advanced musical skills he learned at MacEwan will always be a very fulfilling part of his life.  Sometimes our children's passions will not be their careers but they will be vital to their joy.  

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