Monday, August 10, 2009

The rest of our fall plans

August is as much about planning the extras as the academic stuff. Last year, we had almost too much extra curricular activity, but we made it through! Sometimes when I'm very busy, I feel overwhelmed, but if I were much less busy, I might end up unfocussed and not use time well. The question is balance between activities, essentials and free time.

For fall, Hannah will be continuing with gymnastics, dance, and swimming. She wants a break from voice lessons, but we will be giving piano lessons a try since I won a silent auction for a month's worth of lessons. She has taken piano lessons before but our marvellous teacher moved away and the following year we had an inexperienced teacher who just didn't spark her interest and passion. I'm really glad to have swimming lessons start up again. Hannah was a complete non-swimmer until Chrisstmas last year, and then completed three levels in two sessions, proving once again that late-bloomers in any area often catch up really quickly.

Hannah has always been gifted in gymnastics. She could do perfect cartwheels when she was four! Last year, she was the only student in the home school advanced class at Dynamyx, so she learned so much, but I think she's hoping to have company in class this year. Either way, she loves it.

At home, I want her to learn some basic cooking skills, and to take on some more chores. Our Sonlight curriculum has a list of tasks that are part of daily life, and I will be using that to pin point some of the things she could learn at this age. We also want to work on some needle felting projects, and some sewing.

So that's how fall looks for Hannah and me. Perhaps blogging about it will keep me accountable on some of my goals this year. I'll try to remember to do some updates as the year progresses.

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