Saturday, April 25, 2009

Convocation & Celebration

We're away for the weekend for a special celebration. This morning, we attended the Convocation Ceremony of Ambrose University College and watched our 22 year old son receive his Bachelor of Arts degree, summa cum laude. He has worked hard and been richly rewarded for his efforts.

It's hard to decribe the pride and joy that come with this day. I looked at him sitting with the other graduates and remembered him as the little boy sitting around the kitchen table with his siblings and learning his early school skills. I remember hearing hours of music practice as he honed the skills that took him to college. I remember hours and hours and hours of hearing him quote scripture as he studied for Bible quizzing, and earned the entrance scholarships that took him to Ambrose.

I find myself looking at all of those hours of teaching children that constitute the greatest part of my life-work, and I see how those hours prepared my children for their journey into their adult lives. I had no idea how wonderful the payback would be. Today I am very grateful.

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