Thursday, May 14, 2009

Curriculum Review- Bible Study Guide For All Ages

The curriculum we have used the longest is Bible Study Guide for All ages, a program we started in the very early years of our home education program and which we have continued with through most of the intervening years (with a break during the time that our three oldest children were all doing Bible quizzing.)


Bible Study Guide For All Ages is a family-developed program, created by home educating parents for their own children and then published and shared with others.  It looks at scripture as a series of biographies, working through  the life stories of major biblical figures one after the other, not in order but in a sequence that helps develop an understanding of the importance of each person to the whole biblical story.


Each lesson has a scripture passage to read, background information, and questions of varying levels of difficulty.  There are also review questions as part of every lessons set up to continually review the most important parts of previous lessons.  Each lesson is completed by having the child copy a stick figure visual of the major events of that day’s lesson, reinforcing the lesson in a child-friendly way.


We have liked this program because it’s simple to use, thorough in the way it goes through each person’s story, and successful in the way it has equipped our children with a good grasp of biblical history.  They knew why Joseph’s brothers hated him, and what the Abrahamic covenant was, and where Paul traveled because they had worked through this program.


Now that I’m part way through book 2 with Hannah, I see again that the simple system of this program really is effective in building a solid foundation.  It’s easy to do daily because it’s one of those lovely programs that I can just open up and teach from without any advance planning.  It has become a valuable part of our daily routine.  It really is one of the best things we have done with our children. 


Bible Study Guide For All Ages is available from many curriculum providers, including CHER and Educational Adventures.  Information is available online at

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