Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Curriculum Review- Northwoods Press

We're dedicated Sonlight Curriculum users, and I will make that the subject of a post soon, but this yea ris an off year for us.  Because Sonlight is American, there are a couple of years that are so focused on American history that we have skipped them.  I really miss the curriculum guides that accompany the Sonlight program and I'm excited for next year when we'll study Core 5, Eastern Hemisphere.

This year, Hannah is studying Canada for history and geography, and we're using anotehr favorite program:  Donna  Ward's Northwoods Press.  Ages ago when our older children were this age, there were few choices for Canadian books, and when I first saw Donna's materials, I was delighted with them.  We used the first edition of some of these programs more than ten years ago!  They are still my number one choice for Canadian history and geography.

The programs Hannah has completed this year are all suitable for several grades, and all were designed for use by home educators.  Hannah has completed Canada, My Country, a geography book suitable for elementary grades, , Canada's Natives Long Ago, a study of the history and culture of the aboriginal people of Canada, and Courage & Conquest, an introduction to Canadian history.

I was especially glad to see that Pierre Berton's history books for children have been reprinted.  We used Canada Moves West, and The Battles of the War of 1812 as extra resources.  Each book includes 5 to 7 short non-fiction books (fomerly printed as separate books) which can be read separately, and which focus on the characters of history.  He has a very readable style, and these books are well-worth seeking out.  

All of these books are mom-friendly, well-written, and include suggestions for supplementary books and extra projects.  Hannah has gained a good knowledge about our history and geography, and has enjoyed the books.  I only wish that someone would put together a novel and read-aloud package to go with these books that would link in language arts.  

Highly recommended!  for more information, check out Donna Ward's web site.  Books are also available at CHER, and EAP.

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